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The Sagas Role-Playing Game

Created and developed by Ruel Knudson for Ironwood Omnimedia, the Sagas Role-Playing Game is co-operative table-top game experience designed around player freedom. Its simple core system allows any player to jump in and play. As your interest and familiarity grow the complexity deepens, allowing you to cater your individual play experience. Reveal new depth to the simple core system and be rewarded with new opportunities to define your role within the game.

Your Sagas Character is defined by you, developed by you, and played by you. The character’s successes and failures, rewards and consequence, and the legend you develop are at your control. No limiting character classes, no restrictive alignments, and no expectations.

Start your next saga with the Player’s Guidebook at DriveThruRPG.com!

Dungeons & Doritos

The Nerdy Show Network’s Dungeons & Doritos podcast is an epic radio drama that started in 2009. In June of 2010 they went looking for a player to take over the awesome responsibility of running some games for their amazing cast. Through a mutual friend they contacted Ruel who had only one problem: he doesn’t play D&D, he plays Sagas. Luckily, they were down with trying a new system. With that, they coordinated an audition recording which became the debut episode of the Fantasy Sagas RPG on the show.

For over 7 years the story continued. Each episode features a story written by Ruel, but developed, directed, and produced by the most talented, hilarious, and dedicated stars, guest stars, and random passers-by to bless the world of podcasting. You can see for yourself how a madcap cast of characters is no problem for a GM playing Sagas, as Ruel’s story is constantly derailed, and unforeseen consequences become major narrative threads throughout the show.

In 2018 Ruel had to take a respite from his duties. He refused to let the real-world difficulties and tragedies affect the quality of the show. The cast and crew is just too good, too dedicated, and they deserve a GM without baggage. Instead, he bid them to carry on without him if they could, and that he will be back when he can.

He will be back.

Digital Pen n Paper

Digital Pen n Paper started as an application designed to ease the development of future Sagas Projects. During its development it became clear that tools such as these should be available for Game Masters and Players as well. What started as a simple little app to write content for the Sagas RPG is evolving into something truly unique.

Digital Pen n Paper is being developed to allow users to create entire rule-books, adventures, add-ons, manage their campaigns, characters, and so much more. Furthermore, as we use these same tools, the content for any Sagas RPG game material will also include this content in DPnP. For example, when you purchase an adventure or sidetrack, all NPCs, maps, items, monsters, and the entire adventure story will be added to your DPnP library. You can import these resources into your own campaigns or modify this content to suite your campaign.

Additionally, community will be a core pillar of the DPnP experience. You will be able to share your content on the Ironwood Nexus allowing other DPnP users to play, import, and review your content. Furthermore, any content that uses your creations will give credit to you as the developer of that content to help build up your exposure as the next great DPnP Community Developer.

DPnP is the current focus of development for Ironwood Omnimedia. Please be patient as more information is coming soon.