Digital Pen n Paper: What is DPnP

Digital Pen n Paper (DPnP) is a Windows based software companion for the Sagas RPG. It provides a full suite of solutions that are designed to compliment and expand your gaming experience.

DPnP started as a development tool for Sagas developers to quickly and easily create new content for the Sagas RPG. We quickly understood that a tool like this would be a great addition to players and game masters. We believe that software done properly should not replace traditional gaming. It should be a part of it. It should be an enhancement that helps players and game masters better enjoy their games.

DPnP is not a virtual table top program. It is an enhancement to your tabletop gaming experience. You can create entire games, rulebooks, adventures, characters and more. Additionally it provides tools to cordinate and manage your games in a natural and user friendly method. In general, it lets you do what you are already doing with your game and makes it easier.

The full Digital Pen n Paper experience will be free to anyone who purchases a Sagas RPG core rule-book. All features such as My Nexus integration, cloud saves, sharing and downloading community created content are all free with a registered copy of the software.