A New Ironwood Nexus

Welcome to the new Ironwood Nexus.

As you can see, the Nexus has gone through a major overhaul. This new design is a necessary step in the upcoming release of our Digital Pen n Paper software. This is only the start, as new changes will be coming and this site may continue to go through design changes as well.

You may find that old links, news articles, blog posts, etc. are gone. We simplified the website, providing only the information you will want or need into four basic categories: News, Products, MyNexus, and functional pages such as contact us, terms of use, etc.We also went pretty light with images for the time being (that will change in the near future). Overall, this new design should make things much easier and faster to navigate. By streamlining everything you can get what you need faster, and find what you are looking for more easily.

We hope you enjoy the new design.