Undead Creatures

Undead Creatures_Cover

Undead Creatures introduces 5 creatures to your E-RPG game. Each creature is fully defined with both racial statistics for customizing your own version of each monster, or for use as player characters. Each creature has one creature archetype ready for play as well, complete with all the skills, powers, and equipment needed. Furthermore, we include origions, campaign usage, PC varients, and sample adventure ideas to get you started.

Creatures included in this pack are:

  • Draugr
  • Mummy
  • Revenant
  • Vampire (with 1 bonus creature archetype included)
  • Zombie
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Fantasy Sagas Paradigm

Fantasy Sagas Paradigm_Cover

The Fantasy Sagas Paradigm is a collection of 50 character archetypes ready for either Player Character or as Non-Player Characters for Game Masters.

Each character is fully developed and ready for play complete with all the character record sheets, equipment, skills, spells and power lists you need to get started quickly. Players and Game Masters can enjoy these characters as designed or use them as templates for creating new characters and NPC's. New players will find it easy to jump into any game quickly while experienced players will find the new concepts a helpful guide to designing and modifying a diverse range of new characters. Game Master's can enjoy a thorough list of useful NPC's ready for play at a moment's notice.

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