The lands surrounding the trade cities of Damascus and Marcusgrad have only just found peace following a brutal series of wars. The Order of St. Nathaniel has begun a crusade to educate and rebuild society, beginning first with prodigies born into the commonwealth. These caravans travel the land under guard of hired mercenaries, adventurers, and sell-swords. When members of a growing militant group, calling themselves Legionnaires, attack one of these caravans, the monks agree to reward anyone with information regarding the attack. Soon the investigations unlock the secrets that hint to a separatist movement within the freedom fighting Legionnaires, a child slave ring, and a sadistic cult that preaches salvation through sadism and agonizing death. The true secrets lie in the mysterious orchestrator of these events and his lust for revenge through the fulfillment of his own prophecies.

Prophecy is a multi-session adventure with various paths that can vastly alter the story for each game group. This adventure is a great launching off point for new players and new game masters to the E-RPG system.

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The Fantasy Sagas Player's Guidebook

The Fantasy Sagas Player's Guidebook_Cover

The Player's Guidebook contains all you need to create your first character and embark on your own Fantasy Saga.

The first of a series of guidebooks created for the E-RPG system; an epic character driven, story-focused RPG. While many games exist that offer immersive and exciting worlds to play in, the creators of the E-RPG system believe that the stories always should have a focus on the driving characters in the drama. These are the characters created by the players of the game.  The first of three separate rulebooks for players The Fantasy Sagas is only the first genre to be released. Each of the subsequent books (Modern and Sci-Fi Sagas) will use the same rule-set and so are completely compatible with each other, allowing game styles to be mixed and matched in any way a player or Game Master can imagine. Players can play in worlds that use any of the special features of one game type with another without making any special adjustments. Imagine playing in a world of computers, guns, and magic!

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The Game Master Lodestar

The Game Master Lodestar_Cover

Ready to run your own Sagas RPG? The Game Master Lodestar gives you an expanded look into the E-RPG system.

The Game Master Lodestar is compatable with any setting you can dream up. Learn how to create your own races, creatures, encounters and adventures quickly. Learn the secrets to managing NPC's, awarding player actions, and how to create target levels on the fly to handle those unforseen situations that arise from clever players. Expand your game with your own creations and be prepared with the tools to handle any situation.

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